Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day!

I was so happy to get to see some white stuff this winter! ...And extremely thankful that I was well enough to enjoy it. Eric and I were talking yesterday about last winter's snow. I was barely pregnant with Addisyn and soooo sick! Eric almost took me to the emergency room b/c Greenville OB was closed and I could barely even walk! Definitely thankful that's behind us...

This year, our sweet baby girl is here, and she was able to see her first snow!! She didn't quite know what to think about the snow, but she HATED getting bundled up!

We took her down some extreme hills on this skim board!

Don't ask about the ski glasses...i'm not sure...

Later that night when we were warm and dry inside...I told Eric it's him and his "mini me"...I think she looks just like him! :)

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