Thursday, January 28, 2010

My man is "the man!"

Today has been a looong day. Addisyn has been sick, therefore fussy... no need to elaborate further.

By the time Eric got home from work I was just barely holding it together so he didn't have to come home to a wife meltdown. But frankly, I had been caring for Addi's every need all day and I just wanted someone to take care of me! (Selfish and unrealistic, maybe...but thats just where I was at). There was no dinner on the table, because my child would shriek if I set her down and it would then escalate to the point of vomiting...yes, i'm serious.

Once Addi was in bed, I started to think about food and realized that I wanted french toast! For those who may be wondering...yes that is a weird craving, no i'm not pregnant. I just wanted some french toast, but I intended to starve before I dirtied up the kitchen at 8:30 pm after the day I'd had!! Eric was watching tv and I asked him in my most pitiful, sweet, sexy, irresistible voice "Baby, will you make me some french toast?"....his response? "No. I don't know how."

Rabbit trail from my story.... How is it that men "forget" how to do a lot of things after they get married? I'm just saying, there are a lot of things that my husband "can't" do now that i'm pretty sure I saw him do back when he was single! Anyways...

I stopped caring about what he was watching on tv and decided I was going to take a bubble bath and then go to bed. I loooove baths! It relaxes me so much and I am able to leave a ton of stress in my tub:) When I got out of the tub, I smelled something AMAZING and then went out and found before my very eyes, a table set for two with FRENCH TOAST!!! ...and a husband that was very proud of himself! I got teary eyed, I was sooo blessed!

I, of course, asked him how he knew how to make french toast all the sudden..."I looked in the recipe book" (mental note...the whole "I don't know how" thing really is an act sometimes). Anyways, we ate french toast for dinner at 10:00 at night and talked about how we were going to get fat if we kept doing this...but it was fun!

Eric also cleaned up! He is amazing and I love him so much!

Oh yeah...and he made a point of the fact that he unloaded the dishwasher response "Thanks babe, but don't push it with the bragging thing!" LOL;)


  1. Go Eric! Very Funny story.Hope Addi hangs in there for Renae today. I'll pray today for grace for you guys, esp. Addi and Renae.