Wednesday, January 6, 2010's for an update...

So to all of you who think i'm falling off the face of the blog earth... you may be a little bit right! I love blogging but it's just kinda gotten pushed to the bottom of my priority list behind holiday preparation/recovery, working, being a wife and mommy, etc. I know that many of you do way more than me and still blog about it all....kudos to you;) Needless to say, my blog posts may or may not be more scarce, but that just means it will be so much more of a joy to read after you have to wait for one! LOL! (If you haven't noticed I like to act like more than 3 people read my blog)

I'm blogging today because i'm sick (UGH!) and in bed with nothing to do. My amazing husband packed up Addi and took her with him to the dealership so that I could rest, since I barely got 4 hours of sleep last night!

Anyways, our trip to Florida ended up being fun! It was a LOOONNNGGG drive, but an adventure nonetheless. We did Christmas with Eric's family and I got the cutest COACH boots! Eric, Addi and I got a day out to shop and we went to the HUGEST mall I have ever been to in Tampa. Lets be honest, most of the stores I didn't even step into because I knew I couldn't afford one sock from Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Burberry;) But, hey, I did stock up on new undies @ Victoria's Secret and browsed bags at Coach (my favorite place ever)!

All in all we had a great Christmas! Addisyn got enough stuff to fill up my whole house, but I guess thats the way it should be. I mean seriously though...she won't need to celebrate another birthday or Christmas until she's 3! I was really excited because she was much more involved than I thought she would be. She loved to watch everyone open their presents and she sampled each and every gift bag or piece of tissue paper to see which ones were the tastiest! I have about a million pictures of Addi's first Christmas but my camera is in the diaper bag which, as I previously mentioned is with my Super Husband at the dealership. =) Pics to come later...

I must say, I did have the lamest New Year's Eve, though. I went to bed! At like 10:30! But you know what?!? The ball dropping is really not that fascinating and it was still 2010 when I woke up the next morning and I felt rested!

Speaking of 2010...i'm believing that it's going to be a wonderful year! 2009 showed me a whole new side of God and His faithfulness! I walked through the sickest three months of my life when I was pregnant with Addisyn, but came out on the other side stronger and with the most precious gift of all! My baby girl has blessed mine and Eric's life more than I could've ever imagined! I'm thankful for my husband's health and that God sustained us (and is continuing to sustain us) through the battle with his pain. I'm thankful that my parents both celebrated their 50th birthdays and their 25th wedding anniversary! I'm thankful that God gave us favor in the car business this year and that we still have our doors opened at Feyer Ford and Mercury and Feyer Ford Lincoln Mercury! God's goodness has been so humbling in 2009...I can't even imagine what 2010 has to offer! My prayer for this year? ..."Just a closer walk with Thee..."

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