Sunday, October 4, 2009

A slacker on so many levels

So, yes, right now I am a slacker on so many levels! Eric is outside cutting the grass and I just told him I was going to come inside to pick up the house. Well, once I was inside I thought..."hmmm...I could just relax today and pick up around here tomorrow when Eric's back at work and I don't have anything going on"...then I remembered "IM GOING BACK TO WORK TOMORROW!!!" AHHH!!! After remembering that, I was convinced that I was going to clean up b/c I didn't want to leave and have to come home to a messy house tomorrow! All good in theory. As I was contemplating my newfound mission, I decided to help myself to the last piece of eric's birthday cake. Thank God ive finally finished that's been such a temptation! LOL!

Basically it all went downhill from i'm blogging and putting new music on my iphone.
The house sits with baby stuff scattered from one end to the other...but you know what??? I've spent every spare minute of my whole week trying to keep baby stuff picked up and its just not worth it today. I've justified in my mind that if I am going to start back work tomorrow it's probably better that I just relax today anyways.=) Continuing with the slacker theme...I really wanted to write a blog about the things i've been doing lately and put up some new pics of Addisyn, or maybe some pics of the pumpkins and mums I bought to decorate for fall, but Nope...too lazy for that.

So here I sit...being lazy...bloggin about being lazy...downloading music...facebooking...and enjoying every minute:)

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