Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week at a Glance=)

So here's the update on my week...

Monday I went back to work for the first time since having Addisyn and had a great day! I brought her with me and she did really well. We were able to stay on schedule and she napped there better than she naps at home sometimes! It was kinda hard for my Type A personality to not be 100% focused on work, but Eric kept telling me "How many people get the opportunity to work and bring their babies?"...He's so right. I didn't actually get more than 1 1/2 hrs of uninterrupted work time and didn't feel as productive as I could've been, but I was at peace having my baby with me. :) I don't know when I'll actually start leaving Addisyn...I guess whenever it stops working out having her there.
Tuesday was date day with Allison and Lilyana, of course! We met for lunch at the mall, which was great b/c we were able to eat and do some shopping and only had to get the girls out of the car once!! It was pretty funny though b/c Addisyn and Lilyana were a tag team at screaming the whole day. One would start crying and when she stopped the other one would start! It came time for the girls to eat, but of course Ally and I were not done shopping so we did what anyone would do (joking)...we sat in the car together with our flashy hooter hiders and nursed! Following that was a trip to Once Upon A Child (where I got a Bumbo seat for $15...I'll have to post a pic of Addi in it), and of course we finished up the day with HUMONGOUS brownie sundaes from The Daily Grind. Fortunately the babies were sleeping by then so Allison and I enjoyed gaining back our baby weight in one dessert. :) Good times....good times...
Wednesday UGH!!! As soon as Addisyn woke up on Wednesday morning I knew it was not going to be good. The poor thing was stuffed up and basically she SCREAMED ALL DAY!!! I just had to walk around and bounce her, which was exhausting and kinda frusterating since I had a mental to-do list of stuff I wanted to get done around the house. Anyways...Wednesday was screaming day...let's move on....
Thursday Today I just decided that Addisyn and I were going to take it slow since she's got a little bit of a cold. I threw my to-do list out the window and was determined to just cuddle my pitiful baby all day! It actually turned out to be a great day! Addisyn just sat with me and she slept most of the day!!! At one point I laid her on the couch next to me and we both fell asleep. I think it was only my second nap since she's been born! I pretty much watched TLC all day long, thanking God during every Baby Story that Addisyn was in my arms and all that labor and delivery stuff was behind me!! It was so nice to rest (and have Addi resting) and just release myself from trying to do too much.

Today finished up wonderfully with my husband showing up with flowers, a card, and tons of chocolate for me!! Just because i'm a great wife and mom, ya know?!?! It was soooo sweet of him and it made me cry! He's an awesome husband, a great daddy, and my best friend! I'll keep him around. ;) I'm hoping he'll keep me around after I get fat b/c of all the candy he brought me!!! I love you E!!

Tomorrow we go back to, my hubby and my baby! I'm very lucky!

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