Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's just life...

Hi to all my millions of blog fans! First of all i'd like to apologize to all of you who have been sitting by your computer hitting refresh every 5 minutes waiting for me to post again... I know it's hard but I have found myself extremely busy lately. Also, if you've emailed me recently i'm like 3 months behind in responding to the 600+ emails in my inbox, but I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Basically, life is just moving fast. I work 2 days a week which is craziness. It takes a full 2 hours on the mornings that I work to get myself ready and get Addisyn ready, packed up, and out the door to Grandma's house. (It takes Eric two hours to get himself out of bed and take a shower!) The rest of the days i'm juggling between house work, grocery shopping, other random errands, laundry, naptimes (for Addi, not me) , Community Bible Study, church functions and hanging out with friends!

Recently on Facebook one of my "friends" (the quotes indicate that we are friends on facebook but not exactly in real life...she's more like a friend of a friend of my brother's)...anyways, her status said "so and so (name changed to protect the ignorant) wants to know why middle school kids keep posting statuses about how stressed out they are. what's there to be stressed about about...your study skills quiz or your boyfriend of 3 days breaking up with you?"

This status totally made me flip out! Homegirl is a freshman in college!!! I may only be 23 years old, but I know that she is not the one to talk about stress! Seriously!?! College life was a breeze!!! ...I mean, get married, have a baby, pay two mortgages, have debt (lots of debt), try to figure out how to get good health insurance and life insurance, start thinking about writing a will, work a 60-h0ur a week job for a while, change a poop blow out, yell at your dog, go to the grocery store, cook dinner, clean up dinner, keep the house looking like a picture out of a pottery barn catalog, do laundry, do baby laundry which requires an entire bottle of spray and wash, try to become more like Jesus in the midst of it all, and make sure you're looking gorgeous and ready to give the hubby a kiss and smile when he gets home...that's stress!

Now to all my many blog followers who are further along in life and are laughing at me for thinking I know stress...feel free to have a good laugh at my expense.


  1. LOVE IT!!! I really like how you threw in there "be more like Jesus"...oh, how babies bring out the best in you!

  2. Very nice! I have lots to learn, b/c I am staring at a messy bedroom which i am renting! But I am happy as a clam, and probably will make a pile, next to the other pile on the floor and put on my single girl pjs and call it a day!

  3. I definitely laughed out loud...a high pitched, I'm all by myself laughing at the computer laugh.