Sunday, November 1, 2009

Step One is Admitting You Have a Problem

Okay, starting off, this is completely unrelated to my post but my husband is watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Cartoon Network as I type this...he's got weird taste in TV sometimes.

Moving on...

I have a problem. A major problem. A sugar problem!!!! I'm not talking about the occasional "oh I need chocolate because i'm a woman" problem... I'm talking about the CONSTANT craving of cookies, brownies, ice cream, candy, cookie dough, and a combination of all!!! (yum) Seriously, I took a spoon to some cookie dough this morning at 7am! Also, sometimes I decide to just skip lunch and help myself to a sundae from sonic instead...out of control! I blame it on nursing, but I think i've just gotten my taste buds addicted to sugar!

My problem recently is due to 2 factors I've decided:

1) I'm an adult now. I do the grocery shopping. I buy too many sweets if they look good to me. I eat ice cream for lunch instead of a balanced meal. Oh mother, how I wish you were here to grocery shop for "healthy snacks" like carrot sticks and dried apricots! Oh self control, please take the place of my mother when it comes to my diet!

2) This dang Halloween! I mean you have to buy "Treats" for the trick or treaters...enough said.

Anyways, i've got to do something to change. I mean the cravings are crazy and I don't feel good with all the sugar...

Which leads me to my second (although related) topic... I need to get in better shape and hopefully lose a few pounds. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and say it, If you are thinking "Oh my gosh Anne Michelle you're already so skinny, I hate you!" or "Your baby weight just dropped off, I hate you" or "You have it so easy, I hate you!" then just stop reading.

Those are comments that I get a lot and just to clear things up: 1) No, I do not think I am fat 2) No, i'm not anorexic 3) No, I'm not fishing for a compliment.

I just think that my sugar problem is a smaller component of an overall snacking problem...And every girl no matter if she's 100 lbs or 200 lbs has an "ideal" weight where she feels great...and I feel like i'm a few pounds heavier than that ideal weight.

My plan is quite simple now really...take time for a lil exercise and quit the snacking! I eat out of bordem and it's a terrible habit!

That's about it I guess... I wish I could leave you with some pictures, but i'm too lazy to go get my camera and upload them (so much for motivation to exercise)!


  1. I don't know if it is a post baby thing, but I TOTALLY had the same sugar problem. Jessica Vick and I talked about it, and she had the same problem too. I was OUT OF does feel really bad!! I have to say that it has just recently started to get a little better. Hope this makes you feel better!

  2. HA! I was just fixin to tell you that I have the same problem and then I read what Lesli wrote:) But, seriously, I go through cycles. Right now, I'm cycling out of control. Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to be disciplined (again!) with eating only when necessary. Good luck to you!

  3. ...and I totatlly agree with what all of you have said! I know I have a sugar problem. I even had it post Bella. I think it has to do with nursing because when I am not nursing I can totally pass up something sweet. I asked TD pray for me last night about this! HA he just asked "are you serious?"

  4. Gee thanks ladies...I know you're trying to encourage by making me feel like I'm not alone, but in my mind i'm going "hmmm so if this is normal then why fight it?!?!" :)