Thursday, November 19, 2009

Highlights from last week!

So I have to make this post quick b/c the day is starting and i've got places to go and people to see...

Two big events happened last week!

1) Addisyn was dedicated to Jesus last Sunday! It was an amazing time when Eric and I were able to commit her life to Jesus, realizing that she is His and not ours, and publicly ask God (and the church) for help in raising her to be a young woman after His heart. It was awesome! Also, we were very thankful to get to dedicate Addi along with the Dameron family and Lilyana. Allison and I had been wanting to dedicate the girls together from the very beginning of our pregnancies and so this was kinda one of those "Thank ya Jesus we made it" moments!

2) I had a new niece born! Julia Lane Feyer (born to Eric's brother Chad and his wife Amy) was born on 11/12/09 and she weighed 8lbs 7oz! I got to be there at the hospital for her birth, which was really special, since I was also there for Olivia's birth (my other niece). When Olivia was born Eric and I were only dating, so it was cool to be at Julia's birth now that Eric and I are married and have our own baby girl! Plus it's so fun that Addi and Julia are going to be so close in age! Isn't the picture of Eric, Chad and the girls cute?!!

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  1. Wow, Anne Michelle! It was great to see those pictures! God is so good. The pic at the top of your blog is AWESOME! Hope you are enjoying motherhood. Blessings one after another! You have an adventure ahead of you! xoCaroline