Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back on the Grind

So tomorrow I start back work. It's really only 2 days a week so not too bad (but those two days are loooong hours). I was working as the Finance Manager @ ole' Feyer Ford before I got pregnant...6 days a week! I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot and got to interact with every customer!! Once I got pregnant though (after the 3 months I took off b/c of sickeness), I couldn't handle so many hours and my hormonal, emotional nerves could not handle having to deal with all the customers (lol...the thing I enjoyed before pregnancy was the thing I couldn't take during it)!! I mean, I love people, and I love meeting Feyer Ford customers but when I was preggers I just didn't have the energy to deal with explaining paperwork, answering a million questions and then dealing with the small percentage of customers that you just couldn't make happy no matter what you did. Now, I work back in the office doing title work and reporting all our sales to Ford Motor Co. At least that's the bulk of my job... I've given myself the title of "Problem Manager" b/c that's really what I do. Whenever there's some sort of vehicle ordering, sales reporting, contract funding, title, inventory, etc problem...then I handle it. =)

I'm soooo nervous about leaving Addisyn! Not because I don't think she'll be taken care of, I mean, she'll be staying with my mom one day a week and Eric's mom the other the Grandma's will take good care of her for sure! I'm more nervous for me! I'm gonna miss her sooo much and i'm worried she'll miss me. :) She's gotten pretty attached to her Momma. I'll make it though. The first week or so i'm just going to bring her with me. I'm not sure how much work i'll get done, but it will make the transition easier.

All in all, i'm looking forward to going back to work a couple days. It'll give me something different to do and it's "intellectually stimulating"... all the details keep my brain sharp. Oh yeah, and the paycheck doesnt hurt either;) If anyone reads this, say a prayer for me as I leave my baby!! Here are some pics of Addi at Feyer Ford... (various ages...all out of order;) )

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  1. Anne Michelle - I remember my first day back to work like it was yesterday. Riley was fine, but I cried the whole way to work! And, it is tough being away, but you will definitely appreciate having some adult time!! I will be praying for you and Addisyn!