Thursday, September 17, 2009

"We do it because we are responsible parents"

"We do it because we are responsible parents" was my quote from yesterday after our looong difficult drs appointment...
Yesterday morning was Addisyn's one month well visit checkup (even though she's almost 6 weeks old). The experience was not a fun one!!! We were there a total of 2 hours for them to look at her for about 10 minutes and tell me that she's beautiful and she'll get her shots next visit. UGGGHHH! Couldn't I have just called in and told you "Hi my baby is beautiful and healthy. Thanks!" and that count for the visit?!?! Frusterating! Fortunately Eric took off work to come with me, or I wouldve lost my mind. He gave me someone to talk to and someone to help me hold Addisyn when she got fed up with being there. Oh, they did weigh her. That was fun! She weighed 10lbs 11oz now and she doesn't hide it!! J/k...she's absolutely the most beautiful baby in the world, but she is getting to be a big girl!

After the doctor, we met TD, Allison, Bella and Lilyana at Zaxby's for some grub. It was pretty much TD and Allisons first trip out as a family of four! Lunch was eventful with all 7 of us (I can't believe we are now 7 between our two families) crammed around one table!

Since Eric was home, I convinced him to go with me to Once Upon A Child to see if we could pick up a few things for Addisyn since, as I said before, she's getting to be a big girl now and doesn't fit in newborn clothes anymore!!! I totally had an emotional moment afterwards and said to Eric "my little girl is growing up!"...doing the man thing, he rolled his eyes and was like "you can't really say that until she goes to college" ...which is stupid. There are going to be stages throughout Addisyn's entire life when i'm going to think "my little girl is growing up" ...first words, first steps, first pee pee on the potty, first day of kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, etc., ...all the way though college graduation and her wedding! I'm making a point to cherish every moment that she's a baby!

Also, I'm having so much fun now that Lilyana is born! She and Addisyn are going to be best friends! They are already bonding as you can see from the pics above! That's about it for now...

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