Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday E!!!

So, yes, I'm writing this at 7:00am before the hubby, baby (and dog) are awake!
Today is Eric's 25th birthday! I was teasing him about getting old and how now he's gonna have to round his age up to 30;) But seriously, "Happy Birthday E!! I love you more than I can express and i'm so thankful to have you in my life!!! You are a great daddy and I look forward to many more adventures together". =) This afternoon we're gonna have a few friends over for pizza and just to hang out and celebrate! I'm gonna hopefully make a cake and some other sweets and get this house picked up....and hopefully Addisyn will take a good nap and be happy=) Hopefully, I will be able to post some pics here of our little bday extravaganza. (Wow...that's a lot of hopefullys in that paragraph...yikes!)

Yesterday, Ginny Corbett, a friend from church and an amazing photographer, took some pictures of me, Eric, and Addi now that we are a family! We went to two different locations outdoors and shot some really cool artsy pictures (the kind where you're not supposed to look at the camera, you just have to look natural and "interact"!). I had been soooo stressed out about the pictures all morning b/c I wanted them to be good, and it was borderline raining, and I didn't want Addisyn to freak out!!! She did so good for the first half of the outdoor pics, then it started to get closer to naptime and she got fussy. It worked out though...we just ended up with a few pictures with the paci in. ;) On the way back to Ginny's house, Addisyn fell asleep in the car and got a little power nap. After that, when it came time to lay her on the backdrop for her close up pics, she came alive!!! She was kicking her little feet and smiling and talking...Thank you Jesus! I can't wait to see them! Thanks Ginny!

My grandparents have been here since Thursday to see Addisyn! We've been having a fun time with them here and it's really cool that Addi gets to meet her first set of great-grands!

On another note, Friday I got out of the house, by myself, for myself for the first time since Addisyn has been born! I had left her a few other times but just really to run to the grocery store or something. Well by last Friday I was BURNT OUT!!! It had been a long week and I just needed to do something for myself. My mom kept Addisyn so Allison and I could have a little "Mommys Day Out"! (Allison was burnt out too! ;) ) We ate lunch at Panera, got pedicures and did the fastest trip ever through Target!!! I mean, when your breastfeeding you're on a tight schedule but we could not miss an chance to go to target so we just booked it! On the way back to Allison's house "don't worry, we didn't get in a wreck!" (lol)

That's about all I can think of right now! Sorry this post is a little scattered!

Oh...the other day we took pics of Addisyn and Lilyana in matching outfits! Addi is on the left...she's the big one=) And they totally linked arms all by themselves! Friends already;)

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