Sunday, March 21, 2010

College Student Moments vs. Adult Moments

So Eric and I like to make jokes about having "adult moments" and "college student moments"...

Since we got married and had a baby so young, there are definitely times that we feel like it is all just playing grown up as we walk through the day to day challenges of work, baby, bills, etc. At times though, we resort back to the college days.=)

Now to any college students who may read this, I do not at all intend to belittle anything you do or make it seem easy. Instead, I'm saying enjoy every minute!!

Nine times out of ten we play the adult role fairly well. Eric comes home from work and I have a crock pot meal waiting on the table. There is always a vegetable with every meal because, um hello, adults eat their veggies!! Addisyn sits in the high chair with us and I push my apron out of the way as I prance across the kitchen to refill Eric's glass. Eric usually leads us in a family devotion and then looks at me and says "Darling, How was your day?" ...and then of course he listens intently. After dinner, I do the dishes as he fills me in on things at work. Once Addisyn is bathed and in bed, we retire to our bedroom, put on our matching flannel pajamas and read for a few minutes before kissing each other good night and going to bed early. (This is slightly exaggerated...the only true part is that I do make dinner, we do eat as a family, and we usually have veggies)

Well, tonight, we are having an all out college student night!! Partly because I'm sick and not feeling up to much. We just ran out to blockbuster and came back with 2 movies, a pizza, coke, candy, and popcorn!! No joke! (There was some kinda "movie package" at blockbuster that had the drinks, candy, and popcorn.) Eric's putting Addisyn to bed and then we're going to skip eating at the table and instead chow down on the couch as we watch a movie!!

The point of all this? There really isn't one... Except to say, enjoy life...enjoy every moment...enjoy your spouse. Spend time together without expectations of what "adults" do. Eric and I love to have fun together! He's my best friend!


  1. That was funny! Glad you posted... it's been awhile!!

  2. I second that, this was fun to read! You guys are cute!